Thomas Andre - Andragart - the Design-Award winner of the year 1995 Berlin-Germany - fabricates in expressive handicraft glasses (frames) exclusively of leather, a natural product with convincingly high quality features. Most important features of his work are: the glasses are well-suited to the needs of everyday life and their virtual indestructiveness.
The glasses are more than just extraordinary; They are more or less ready-to-hand and palpable piece of art to be worn. Andragart glasses not only flatter the visual senses but also depict due to the highly polished leather a tactile sensation of pleasure.

Prior to the manufacture of a pair of glasses a plaster cast is made of the face to establish the dimensions and at wich point in time special desires by the customer are taken into consideration. Of course, also the plain frames have their mark of exclusive unmistakebility just as the more unusual ones. After all, the face is the most characteristic part of the human body.

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